Looking Forward… Halle

I have enjoyed my first three weeks of blogging, much has happened in my life in these three weeks.  From time-to-time I think I will have a post entitled, “Looking Back.”  However, today I am starting a new series called, “Looking Forward (with a subtitle as well).”  Every now-and-again, I’ll post a few things happening in the next days, weeks, months or even years which get me pretty excited.  And before you go verse quoting on me, yes, I am aware of the verses which speak about not worrying about tomorrow, etc… these are just fun dreams so don’t be a party-pooper!

So, here’s the first with the subheading of “Halle”

(ALL of todays “Looking Forward” pertain to Halle)

In the next…

hour I am looking forward to going in our kid pool with Halle and hearing her giggle and practice her “eyes in” (going under water).

day I am looking forward to Halle telling us what she learned at her Sunday School class.  We are checking out our third new church and she is quite the trooper.  She normally can recite about everything the teacher has said (so be prepared if we come visit your church!).

week I am looking forward to a daddy-daughter date with Halle to just spend some one-on-one time with her.  I think we’ll do either Baskin Robbins or Coldstone, these seem to be her favs right now.

month I am looking forward to taking Halle camping to Lake Kachess.  She and her sister will head up with me (and my dad, brother and a few others).  I can’t wait to see her explore the woods, splash in the lake, hike the trail and read by the fire!

year I look forward to her first grade year with Mommy as her teacher.  I think she is going to learn so much and her creative juices will never cease to amaze me.

Father, I am so thankful for my family and I pray your blessing upon Halle today!  Thank you for the gift she is to me, Elisabeth, Audrey, Will and so many others!  

Perhaps you’ll take a minute to lift up my daughter in your prayers! 




Halle Grace!

Halle Grace!


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