Free Coffee

Free Starbucks drink (with me of course) to the first person who can tell me what this picture is:


3 thoughts on “Free Coffee

  1. No clue.
    Mariners Ken Griffey Jr. something or another.
    Where, when, why?
    No clue.
    Baseball,is a type of sport isn’t it?

  2. It’s the marker commemorating Ken Griffey Jr.’s All-Star Home Run Derby home run at Oriole Park at Camden Yard. Am I right? And do I rock?

  3. Jan was on to something (Ken’s Griffey’s name), but yes, Elisabeth, you rock, with the full answer. This is the marking on the B&O Warehouse outside Camden Yards, the longest HR ever hit there.
    First prize for Elisabeth!
    …Sweet, a coffee date with my wife!

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