Yo Adrian?

In the city of Brotherly Love… never did see Rocky, but did see the Liberty Bell (on the 4th even).  Pretty cool stuff.  My Dad took in more of the Historical District Museum stuff while David and I walked around other parts of the city… we were able to see the burial place of Ben Franklin; and found another sacred place, Starbucks (you can see David checking his email below).

After checking into the Holiday Inn Express we took off for the game at Citizen’s Bank Park, home of the Phillies.  Great park!  I had the best ballpark fare I have ever had, a LARGE turkey leg; the biggest mess I’ve ever made of my hands and face with all the BBQ sauce as well.  Good times.

The game was a great one, the Phillies win on a bottom of the 9th, two out single by a guy named (fittingly), Victorino!  The game was about 2 hours and 40 minutes.  We guess about 2:10 of it was played a in a steady rain… why doesn’t everybody go for the extra $100 Million and get  a roof?

The highlight of my day (yes, beyond the Bell, beyond the game, beyond the 4th) was getting two great text message pics of my kids.  Elisabeth sent a couple precious pictures to me during the game.  I miss them much, can’t wait to get back home but will enjoy the rest of the tour (especially when she keeps sending me those little pick-me-ups!).

Some of the pics from yesterday, below…


Liberty Bell with Pops  

Penn\'s landing High 5!
Liberty Bell with Pops

My brother can be inappropriate at times! Ha
My brother can be inappropriate at times! Ha

2 thoughts on “Yo Adrian?

  1. So, can I babysit or what?
    Like I said before.
    Baseball a type of sport or something, isn’t it?
    Glad you are having fun just “being”.

  2. As you’re enjoying lots of baseball, if I wasn’t already jealous Vista made my computer blow up! Hopefully it’s fixable, but I think Youthmark’s next project should be to start the “Brad needs a MAC fund”
    Glad to see you’re having a great trip!

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