Not Just a Movie: The Breakfast Club

When we started Youthmark Mission Ventures several years ago I wanted to make sure we had something to help students transition into life-back-home. A book entitled, Merge, was created. This book was a parallel Guided Study through the book of James and a modern day fable telling the story about a teen who had just started at a new school. Merge has since become a series of post-mission/camp books: Merge-Joshua; Merge-Ephesians and Merge-The Life of David (1 & 2 Samuel). 

I just recently started contributing to the Dare 2 Share Relational and Relentless blog; my first post is about two young men who started something vibrant on their high school campus after God sparked an idea in them that they found in the Merge books.

Check out that idea and the video of one of the young men at the full post here.

I’m excited about my partnership with Dare 2 Share, if you’re in Northwest, make sure you’re getting your group out to the conference in April! If you’re not in the NW, check out D2S here to see where their other conferences will be in 2013.



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