Are You Chicken?

My kids were captivated by the way we swept the leftover scraps off our plates last week in Montana. Rather than placing them in the trash or in the garbage disposal the remnant was tossed into a plastic bag.

We went outside to the gated off chicken coop and each my little ones got to put their hands into the bag-o-slop and toss a handful of scraps to the ground. The chickens were… well… they were chicken! They would slowly walk toward the scraps in order to peck at some sweet morsels of goodness, but would quickly retreat with the sight of the least bit of human motion. Spooked and freaked out they’d only come back when we weren’t around.

There’s a reason we say the phrase “are you chicken?”

Yesterday, August 1, was a day that many were divided about the chicken. This post, has nothing to do with that controversy. My writing has everything to do with “not being chicken” when it comes to asking God some great big things!

Yesterday, August 1, was the start of an awareness campaign for something that I believe will be great for this country!

Between now and October 1,  I want to make as many as possible aware of this fabulous opportunity! One month of dedicated prayers for this country. I picture churches, schools, home school groups, clubs and youth groups joining this prayer surge!

There is no way we can ever get one million people praying for our country without your help! Be it a tweet, a blog post or a status update, you too can help us get the word out! God wants to hear our voices united in prayer!

This is not about politics, it’s about prayer.

It is not partisanship, it’s about participation!

Those who know me know that my heart beats for the message of Jesus to be proclaimed! Well, I know that proclamation is only one part of the equation, prayer plays a major part! I pray we see hearts change, cities change and scores of people come to know Jesus! I believe 31 days of dedicated prayer will open the doors for even more proclamation!

31 Days of prayer for this nation may just change your very neighborhood!

Why not join in? Are you chicken?



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