Sweet 16 and a Family Va-Ca!

Wowzers, the last couple weeks have been a blur! The rear view mirror is looking really nice though as it’s been a fun two week stretch.

Coming off a great trip to SoCal where I am working with a fantastic church doing some consulting for their Student Ministries I returned home in time to take Elisabeth up to Seattle for our 16th Anniversary (on July 20). Thank you to Priceline, I scored a 4 Star Hotel for a ridiculously low rate! On top of that we were blessed with a nice financial gift which paid for our dinner at the famous Post Alley Pink Door over Pike Place Market!

After the anniversary little getaway I performed a wedding of one of my former students; it’s always fun to reunite at these celebrations as we get to catch up with people we haven’t seen in quite-some-time.

Then on Sunday, July 22 we went crazy. Up and out around 6:30 a.m. we took a short drive to… MONTANA. Yep, short 11. 5 hour drive to the thriving metropolis of Boulder, MT.  Our three kids in the back of the Avalon has a few challenges, but nothing some car games and the occasional video can’t overcome. With a couple stops for gas, food and coffee the day went by fast. Then the real fun began. We got to meet our little niece! What a cutie! In addition to meeting, holding and cuddling the little one, we enjoyed hanging out with Elisabeth’s sister and our brother-in-law. Being “ranchers” during the summer allowed our kids the opportunity to feed some chickens, ride on a swather (while it was actually cutting hay) and enjoy a real cook-out!

Besides the couple days near Boulder we took the kids to fun Marriott Residence Inn in Helena (another gift from a loved one!). I think we went to the pool 5 times in the two days! When we weren’t training in the pool for the 2020 Summer Games, we enjoyed the sights and sounds of Helena… well, at least we enjoyed the Carousel!

Couldn’t believe how fast the time went by, but Thursday came quickly and it was time to get home so we could enjoy seeing another one of our former students get hitched on Friday!

I am thankful to the Lord for His provision and the gifts He has given us! What a great couple weeks! I love my wife (thanks for 16 great years Elisabeth!), I love my family (can’t believe how much fun we have together) and I love our extended family (especially for gifting us the way you did to make a couple of these things possible) and I love my job (thank you Jesus for letting me serve you in this way)!

Enjoy some of the pics of the last couple weeks below!



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