Divine Appointments

God’s timing is so wonderful. Check out what happened today after you read this brief intro…

Mission51: The 51 weeks beyond the mission.

For too long we have had the idea that mission is what takes place “over there.”

When the Lord commissioned the early-believers in Matthew 28:19-20 and in Acts 1:8 to share the message of salvation he quite emphatically included everywhere!  “As you are going, make disciples… You will be my messenger in your own neighborhood, neighboring communities, to different people groups nearby and even all around the world” (Brian paraphrases of those two passages).

Today I was at my local coffee shop preparing for our “Tour” with Youthmark, training students/staff for Mission51. As I finished a brief phone call the voice of woman asked me a mundane question about the hoodie I am wearing.

A simple question about my shirt led to an hour conversation about God, the Bible, Adam and Eve, the depravity of man, family, broken families, loneliness, the cross, redemption and Jesus being all He proclaimed to be. “Betty” is a very well-read 79 year-old woman. She has real needs and desires to know the truth and has real skepticism about “religion” because she has seen how it has been used to divide, hurt and even kill. She sees and knows the hypocrisy of religion and her mistrust in the “institution” was very evident.

During this hour conversation two different friends of mine came into Starbucks (at different times) and greeted me.  Both are Lead (Senior) Pastors in the area.  Each greeted us both very warmly and didn’t mention they were pastors, they just took interest in me and Betty. After introductions and small talk I did let Betty know that these men (both under 40) are local pastors. They both don’t have the “look” of being senior pastors and both simply joined the conversation with ease.  They partnered with me in sharing a bit of the Gospel (even if it was just listening well to her story). Betty told me, “I went to McDonalds this morning and took my food out to my car, I even had a coffee from there, but for whatever reason, I decided to come over to Starbucks and get another coffee, I just didn’t want to be alone in my car… I had no idea that a simple question about your shirt would lead to such a great conversation…”

As I was preparing to to prepare students and staff for Mission51, I was participating in my Mission51!

Pray for Betty, pray she comes to trust in Jesus as the way, the truth and truly her eternal hope for life!




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