Three-For-Thursday: Returning Routines

Yesterday marked the beginning of school for my two oldest.  Halle  and Audrey were off to school and our new routine started.  The last couple weeks have been somewhat tough, we’ve sort of felt like a plane on the tarmac, waiting to take off and get to our destination.

We’re up-up and away… The beginning of the school year for Elisabeth means some new freedoms (both girls in school all day) and some new challenges (namely, Will being a tw0-year-old boy who loves to get into EVERYTHING).  For me, the end of the 2010 Youthmark Mission Ventures and some downtime/vacation time in August followed by the quick-turnaround to focus on the next year YMV’s has made me look forward to this new routine.

Today, I look at three returning routines in our life and why they make the “Three-For-Thursday.”

  1. Young Life and the new “Big Monday”: A couple years ago, after I resigned as a Youth Pastor and went full-time with Youthmark I began volunteering with Young Life.  In just a couple weeks we’re launching “Big Monday.”  Our club, followed by hang-time at DQ, followed by Campaigners (small groups) will make for a full Monday (BIG Monday), but it is an exciting time.  I am stoked to be with Non-Christian and Unchurched teens.  High School students are so full-of-life, yet find themselves searching for anything to fill-their-life.  Building relationships, being creative with our programs and digging deeper into the life of Christ will be the purpose for Big Monday.  Let’s go BIG!
  2. Sundays/Church Life: For about 20 months the Aaby family has called “Faith” home.  Our new church in Kent has really been a great place to land after 16 years of being a Youth Pastor. Not being a vocational pastor, and being able to choose the church (rather than being chosen by a church in a sense) was very meaningful to me/us.  We love our church home and I love being there.  Though we were there most Sundays this summer, the sense of routine of heading into the fall seems to excite me.  Will does great in his 2-year-old setting.  The girls love the Children’s ministry, Elisabeth is getting more involved with the Women’s ministry and I find myself drawn to several key relationships at the church.  I believe the 2010/2011 year is going to bring greater clarity as to the places we will serve.  As the church is changing (which I believe a church should always be changing), I find myself getting more and more excited.  I want to see something at our church that cannot be explained by any man or woman–only by the work of a wonderful triune God!
  3. Youth Pastor Networks: I love the people I get to work with.  Sure, Buzz and Kirk (and other volunteers) are great to work with at Youthmark, but I’m talking about my Youth Leader family.  On a weekly basis I meet with many youth leaders.  I have some that are routine (weekly with one network, and monthly with another), but I have many others that I meet with from time to time.  On top of this, there are some that I gather to meet with so that I can share with them the vision of Youthmark and why they may want to join us for a YMV.  As I move into the fall, I’m  very excited about the opportunity to renew these relationships and meet many new leaders who are committed to seeing the Gospel spread through teens!

Let the comfort of returning routines breed new life (and change) in each of us!



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