Top Five Tuesday: Big House Projects

Let me start by saying, “If Money Were Not An Issue…”

The top 5 today is a list of things that we really want/need to get done, but obviously cannot do all at once and/or should probably start saving for because a few of them absolutely need to get done sooner than later.  The criteria, each of these things have been items Elisabeth and I have discussed as things we want to do at our house, on our house or on our property.

Without further ado, the list:

Five: The Deck. Okay, ain’t going to happen, but here’s to hoping.  We are hoping for a year or two more with our current deck.  Elisabeth just blessed me on my last trip by bleaching, scrubbing and preparing the deck for a new sealant.  It looks great, hope it buys us a couple years.  Anyone want to design, pay for and build our new deck… now?

Four: Side-yard gravel and bark. The weed-garden needs to be replaced with a new gravel pathway and that anti-weed fabric covered with bark.  Can’t wait for a presentable side-yard.  Anyone know where we can get some cheap bark?

Three: Playroom/Office/Garage overhaul. These three areas of our house are all related to the one major project of the summer.  The good news, it won’t cost much.  The Youthmark inventory (t-shirts/books) have overtaken the garage with some spill-over into my office as well.  The office and playroom are about to be switched (the office being our old homeschool room, which has also been a spare-room, but was originally a dining room).  With the switch we hope the shelving we add in the new office will alleviate the garage take-over and create a new clean and fresh situation in all three spaces.  Here’s to hoping.  Anyone know where we can get some good cheap shelving?

Two: The Fence/Play Area. I could easily list these ones as separate items, but because I will probably do these ones together, I may as well list them together.  About five years ago I did a redesign on the backyard and created a play area for the kids.  Well, one thing I didn’t really think about was the fact that the area I built up with fill dirt would settle.  The settling has literally pushed our side-fence so much that boards are popping off.  Not only this, but other parts of the fence are just old and rotting.  So, I plan to dig up parts of the play area, level it even more, create a reinforcement system and replace the fencing.  Anyone know a good and cheap fencer?

One: The Roof. Though it isn’t the one that I want to do the most, it is the one that honestly needs to be done very, very, very soon.  Almost six years ago when we were negotiating to buy the house we asked about the condition of the roof in our home-inspection.  The report was that it needed to be replaced but was certified for one more year.  Well, here we are, five-and-a-half years into ownership and still sporting the same cedar shingles. Yep, not an expense I look forward to, but with the rain we had this spring (and early summer), I cannot see another dry fall, winter and spring.  Anyone know a good, but cheap roofer?

Man, doing this list makes me want to buy my first lottery ticket… or move.




One thought on “Top Five Tuesday: Big House Projects

  1. Let’s see . . . who’s going to design, pay for and build our new deck? I think I know the guy . . .his name rhymes with Ryan Tabby.

    Cheap bark? Your parents travel a lot. There’s a lot of bark in their yard. I don’t think they’d notice if a little went missing. All we need is a couple more friends who travel and have bark in their yards, and I think we’ll be golden.

    Cheap shelving . . . better get to the cheap stuff we just talked about before someone else does.

    Good and cheap fencer/roofer. Same as the deck guy, I’m thinking.

    Thanks for working so hard and dreaming so much for us. I love you.

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