100five50 Update #3

Wow, I am very surprised that I have decent news in light of this last week.

I was a busy boy with lots of travel, I’ll blog about that soon… long story short, from last Monday on I was in SoCal, NorCal, Colorado and back home for some feasting on Sunday for Father’s Day.  Way less exercise and way more eating.  Here are the results:

I only got to “work out” three times this week.  Two long walks and one bike-ride.  This is the downside of staying out of state and at places with no work-out center (stayed economically with friends rather than in hotels).

I ate pretty poorly, though I would say my Carb-intake was about 75% instead of 50%.

Overall weight… stayed the same.  216 I remain.

Great news considering the week that was!  Now, time to get on my bike, probably within the next 10 minutes!




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