YMV Spring Retreat @ Lake Retreat… in pictures

Youthmark has hosted three spring retreats thus far at Lake Retreat, two last year and the first of two for 2010 this last weekend… All three of these retreats have had the exact weather! Sunny with highs in the upper 60’s.  It’s been ideal.  Thank you Jesus!

The Spring Retreat we just completed had so much energy.  From the time the doors opened until the commissioning at the end the teens and the youth staff were certainly Living and Loving LOUDLY!

I’ve provided you some snaps of our time together!  Enjoy!



One thought on “YMV Spring Retreat @ Lake Retreat… in pictures

  1. Hi!
    I actually went to the lake retreat! 🙂

    The retreat was awesome 🙂
    It was one of the best experiences i had in my life and I thank you for making it the best.

    I also thought that the videos that were shown were really cool.
    Haha I’m actually wondering if you could post them?
    They were really cool and I want to show my other chuch members that didn’t go to the retreat or atleast post them on my facebook 🙂

    anyways, thank you for welcoming us to the retreat. It was really fun 🙂

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