Top Five Tuesday: Elementary Recess

Another invite to yesteryear…

Had a hard time coming up with the subject for todays Top 5, however, when it finally came to mind, my brain was flooded with some great choices.  So here it is, the top 5 childhood activities for recess when I was in elementary!  The criteria:  The options that were available at my elementary school.

Without further ado, the list.

Honorable Mention: Boys Chase Girls (early elementary), “500,” and Bar Tag.

Five: Rainy Day Recess “Heads Up Seven Up.” Let me start by saying that Rainy Day recess stinks!  But, since we had a few growin up in Western WA I must say that hearing the teacher say, “Heads Down Thumbs Up” got us pretty excited.  The only problem with this game, everyone cheated!  C’mon, tell me you didn’t look at the shoes of the people walking by?

Four: Hoops. Because there weren’t enough good hoops at our elementary school this one is not as high on the list as it could be.  We especially enjoyed picking teams at first recess and keeping those teams for the two longer recesses.  The game started in the morning and ended at the whistle ending the afternoon recess!

Three: Wallball. Do you remember this classic?  “No bouncies, carries or bombs!”  Two people head to head, one bounce to the wall and one bounce after the wall, alternating hitters.  If you lose on serve, you are out and go to the back of the line.

Two: Buttball! A great game with a tennis ball and a wall.  First person serves by throwing the ball at the wall.  All participants try to catch it cleanly with one hand.  If the ball is dropped or touched anyone touching it must run and touch the wall before someone throws it at the wall.  Each time the ball reaches the wall before you do after touching/bobbling it, you get a letter.  If B-U-T-T is spelled you then have to stand against the wall and everyone playing gets to throw a fastball at your rear-end from about 30 feet away.  Bottoms beware!

One: Our grade vs. other Grade Football! I had a very athletic class.  Boone, Randolph, Evans, Joyner and Aaby.  We were the fearsome fivesome back in the day and even as fourth graders we could give the sixth grade bullies a run for their money!  I remember the grass-stained jeans and sweaty shirts coming back into the over-heated elementary school room and creating quite the wonderful smell for all to enjoy!

What were some of your favorites at recess?



4 thoughts on “Top Five Tuesday: Elementary Recess

  1. Yes, there aren’t enough good hops in elementary – thankfully! If so, it would have been called child labor and not recess.

    Red Rover had to be the best, although most frightening. I only remember one broken bone – not mine, nor my fault. At 45 pounds in 4th grade, I was mostly gasping for air on the ground from being knocked down.

    Jumping rope was huge – I was pretty stellar at that. Double dutch, helicopter, chili pepper, etc.

    Buttball??! Not done at my school! I (gladly) missed out.

  2. You were a lot nicer than we were. We didn’t spell anything for buttball. One drop of the ball and we were taking aim! We also really liked trying to hit the wall and have it bounce off and hit the person in the front while they were running for it. Just like pinball. Good times.

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