Top Five Tuesday: Things I Want For Free

A very intriguing title huh?

Last night Elisabeth and I were talking about a few of the practical things we want/need.  Sometimes we don’t have because we can’t afford. Other times we don’t have because we don’t ask (I think I’ve heard that one before…).  So, the criteria for todays “Top 5” isn’t really a list of the big things we want/need (like a new roof or new fence), but the little practical things that we want/hope for and may get for free just because of the great readers out there who want to help us!

I somewhat joke, but I somewhat don’t.  If you are gifted in an area that you could help us with one of these things, we’d be so excited (and thankful), and may even have you and your family over for dinner or something…

Without further ado, the list:

I don't know why Elisabeth wants it replaced?

I don't know why Elisabeth wants it replaced?

Five: The Fan. We have a light fixture/fan hanging above our kitchen table that Elisabeth has despised since we moved in. Well, a couple years ago she purchased a nice replacement.  It sits in our garage.  An electrician I am not.

Four: QuickBooks or Quicken Tutorial. A CFO I am not… oh wait, I guess I am.  I am often introduced as the “Founder and President of Youthmark.”  Typically a joke occurs afterwards, “Yes, I am the CEO, CFO, but I am also the Custodian.”  Okay, getting back to the matter at hand.  I own a company, but I am not great at “the books” side of things yet.  Anyone out there want to spend a couple hours giving me the quick tutorial on the ins and outs of some financial software?  We’ll bust out the old-school monopoly and play with some of that money!

Three: Video Fun. I am not a filmmaker (I know, this surprises you). I am fully aware that better marketing for Youthmark will require having videos (online and to be sent out) and I even have the ideas for a couple videos I want produced.  The problem, better marketing typically means more money.  My hope is that I might find someone who has talent, passion, time and the equipment (I have a great camera, but we need great sound technologies too) to help me produce a couple videos to begin the process.  It doesn’t hurt to ask right?

She's screaming!

Two: The SCREAMING, SCREECHING, WHINEY Avalon. A mechanic I am not.  However, I have learned that aut0-shops like to have you pay WAY more than you need to for a job that takes the twist of a screw-driver.  Elisabeth’s car apparently has a loose belt.  I’m a car-idiot.  Anyone know how to get a belt to not make the most obnoxious noise west of Dumb and Dummer stop? It really only makes it when the car is cold when you sit in a public parking lot where everyone around can see you clearly.

The shower-situation upstairs...

One: The Faucet. We’re certainly not a Bed-n-Breakfast, but we do have our fair-share of house guests.  A recent dilemma has arisen.  Our main-hall bathroom (where our kids and guests bathe) has a faulty (stripped) faucet.  When we turn the thing on we have no idea what temperature the water will be.  Turn to the left and it may get hotter… but it could turn to freezing cold.  Turn it to the right and your water pressure could go down to a trickle or you could feel like you’re being pounded by Snoqualmie Falls.  Not good.  I’m not a plumber, I don’t even play one on TV.  However, I don’t want to hire a plumber for a job that maybe, someone else could do for a meal on us?

So, there ya go, the top 5 practical things I want for free (at least I think they are practical).

We’re now taking applications!



7 thoughts on “Top Five Tuesday: Things I Want For Free

  1. I had the same car problem. My brother in-law helped me diagnose it and fix it. It is one of the serpentine belts. There are three of them in the car and it could be either one of them. One goes to your alternator, one goes to your air conditioning, and one to your power steering. I bought all three and it cost me less than $40. He showed me how to fix them, but its been a while and its on a Corolla. But if you find someone that knows cars well, asking for help on this would not be asking a huge favor that requires lots of labor.

  2. Dude I could fix like 3 of ur problems. I wish I was closer to help. Fan is super easy like 3 wires. Belt just replace and spray so Wd-40. Faucet sounds like it needs to replace, which I can do… Sorry bro.

  3. Hey Brian,

    I can totally help with the fan and the faucet. You don’t want me working on your car and I have no video producing skills. If one of the others guys doens’t work out feel free to call me. We would love to help you out…just don’t tell my wife since I have projects of my own that I can’t seem to get done around here! 🙂

  4. If you come over with the car, I can walk you through either QuickBooks or Quicken… at least the basics.

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