CONTEST: WAIT @ The White House

It has only been two weeks since my last “What Am I Thinking” (W.A.I.T.) contest, but oh well, I came across a fantastic picture that just needs a great quotation.

You come up with what my friend, Mike Geisen, is thinking and if I think yours is funny enough I’ll put it into the “In the Running” section below the picture.  After a day or two, I’ll crown the WAIT winner.

Background:  Mike was one of my best friends growing up.  After college and a career in forestry, Mike became a Science teacher in Oregon.  Well, long-story-short, he was named National Teacher of The Year last year. So, here he is, showing his great sense of humor by mowing the lawn at the White House!  Yep, that is literally White House property!

So, give me your WAIT Caption in the comment section below.  No worries if your quote doesn’t show up right away, I often have to approve them first.

Have fun.  Winner gets a dinner invite from the Aabys (or if you’re out of town, next time I/we are in your neighborhood we have dinner together).


*********** In The Running ***********

Obama’s new Green Jobs Czar ~micah

This is not what I had in mind when I heard I could be on Obama’s staff for a day ~Brad Hostak

This “Joe Biden Job Shadow Day” is awesome! ~the wifey

I told them i wanted a job that paid the same as a teacher in the northwest… now i regret that… ~rackyj21

Gone are the days of “Joe the Plumber”! Watch out 2012… Here comes “Mike the Mower” ~Sarah Hostak

Lawn mower is red;
the grass it is green.
National Teacher of the Year;
went crazy it seems! ~Jan A

Is this thing broken?? Don’t lawn mowers blow bubbles? ~Calia

Honey, you told me to ask the neighbor’s son if he wanted to make $10 ~Aaron

*Props to Mike for commenting as well!

************ The Winner **************

Loved ’em!  Great job to all who participated.  I have to go with Ricky!

I told them i wanted a job that paid the same as a teacher in the northwest… now i regret that… ~rackyj21

Because we have education in our family (Dad is a retired teacher and my brother is a teacher), I have heard about teacher pay all my life!  Good job Ricky.

Congrats to Ricky on the win, we’ll have you over for dinner soon. And congrats to Mike on the year of being National Teacher of the Year 2008-2009!  You’re welcome for dinner anytime you come up Mike!


32 thoughts on “CONTEST: WAIT @ The White House

  1. We aren’t going to ruin Mike’s day and break the news to him that they actually invented RIDING lawn mowers. He looks like he’s having way too much fun!

  2. According to White House Press Secretary, President Obama has ordered White House secret service agents to blend in with the everyday White House functions in order to provide added security.

  3. i can’t wait to go back home and tell my students how much Obama cares about the education systems plans i had…

  4. Great comments, everyone. Just a little background, though… I usually mow with an acoustic lawn mower (I’m a reel man).

    And this was during the Bush presidency.

    Let the games begin…

  5. These are for The One Behind the Mower:

    “Too bad Boone couldn’t make it.”


    “I wonder if this thing would work for ‘chopping broccoli’?”

  6. Guy Mowing – “This is what I get for telling Obama that his tie didn’t match his suit? It’s a good thing I didn’t tell him how I felt about his healthcare reform!”

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