New Things This Weekend

This weekend I get to experience (or already have experienced) a few new things that have me pretty pumped.

They are:

1. I plan to start reading Forgotten God: Reversing Our Tragic Neglect of The Holy Spirit by Francis Chan.  Thouroughly enjoyed Crazy Love by Francis (his first book) so I am super excited for this one.

2. I experienced my first “Men’s Breakfast” at our new church.  Aaron and Kevin did a fantastic job inspiring the men to get beyond the one-upsmanship which exists in much of the church (and manhood).  I really liked it because I sat at a table where I only knew one person, and got to know a few guys.

3. I just purchased the new (to me) Hillsong United album.  Playing it right now, really like it already. Great inspiration as I continue the writing of Story: The Mission Prep Workbook (my new book… continuing with the “new” theme).

Three cheers for new things!



3 thoughts on “New Things This Weekend

    1. Sarah, it’s corrected, yeah, funny, I have Bold Love sitting on my shelf in front of me, must have just seen that Title and had it in my mind. Crazy Love is a great book by Chan. Bold Love is a great book by Allender Thanks for pointing it out…

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