What do you do with this?

Background statement:  Most guys are great about this, however, you do see the occasional sicko stand and do his business at the urinal, flush, zip and walk out into the general public (while of course grabbing the door handle) without having washed his hands.  Gross.  I want to confront these people and shower not just his hands but his entire body with hand sanitizer.

Todays dilemma and getting back to the original question of “what do you do with this.”

Man stands and the urinal, does his business, flushes, zips and goes immediately to the auto air-hand dryer, dries hands and leaves.

Hmmmm… not sure what I want to do to this man.



4 thoughts on “Awkward.

  1. When you figure out where or how to to file that one. Please let me know. I have never forgotten and am not sure where to file the man I saw who flossed his teeth after eating while still sitting at the said restaurants table.

    Jan A.

  2. old joke

    man sees another man using urinal and then not washing hands.

    says to him “At Harvard they taught us to wash our hands”

    Other guys looks at him and says – At SUNY-Brooklyn they taught us not to pee on our hands”

  3. Honestly, I have it on good authority from several people in the medical profession that washing hands does basically nothing because almost no residences or commercial places have hot enough water to kill what we ‘think’ it’s going to kill. Hand sanitizer all the way…

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