Please take a moment to praise the Lord with me!  Yesterday Youthmark played host to 55 Youth Leaders at The Old Spaghetti Factory at Southcenter! This was a great turnout with high energy.  A couple of the highlights in my eyes:

  • Seeing Youth Leaders whom I knew had no prior relationship hanging out, laughing, even exchanging business cards with the purpose of staying in touch!
  • Hearing the laughter in the room… seriously, it was so fun to watch and listen to the constant chatter and laughter during the lunch portion.  Laughter is often a healing agent God uses in the lives of His children.  I sense that some who were hurting, came away a little encouraged because of the laughter they experienced at his or her table!
  • Sharing my passions! Besides my desire to see churches partner with Youthmark (the obvious reason for the lunch), I desired to share these two passions (1): Youthmark wants to train students for the 51 weeks of life outside of the mission trip and (2) We, as Youth Pastors, need to set the example by being about our own Jerusalem with our own peers and encourage the students to be the best missionaries we have in the U.S.!

As a result, please pray for these three specific requests:

1. That Youth Leaders would seriously consider partnering with Youthmark (and that I would do a good job of following up with these churches and answering the questions they have).

2. That these Youth Leaders would pray for the Harvest Worker they named (and whom they committed to pray for).

3. That registrations would continue to come in for our last Lunch in Portland on Dec. 3.  I’d love to see another large crowd for that lunch!

Thanks for your prayers and for your interest in the Aaby Family and Youthmark!



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