Today is the Day!

Two big events are happening today!  Though I’m very excited about the first, the Youth Leader lunch for the Puget Sound Youth Leaders (an opportunity for me to preview Youthmark Mission Ventures to nearly 60 folk), the second is a MUCH BIGGER event…

A very big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my loverly Bride, Elisabeth! Woo-hoo!

Elisabeth is a blessing to many of you out there in the blogosphere (and beyond), she is a caring friend, a gifted writer, a comedian (seriously, have you read some of her posts?), and much more.  However, as much of a blessing she is to you, that pales by comparison to the blessing she is to her family!  The Lord is doing amazing things through this gal!  She is such a great Mom… she cares for, thinks about, prays for and shepherds our kids in ways that simply astonish me.  She is an example to the Mom’s around her!  She is so supportive of her husband (hey, that’s me!).  I am so blessed by her loving care and encouragement. She is so supportive and frees me up to pursue the things I am good/gifted to do.  I know she prays for me, speak Truth to me and builds me up in the eyes of others!  She’s the best!

She is wonderful sister, daughter, in-law and Auntie!  Did you know that not only does she know all birthdays in the family (and those of her friends… and quite frankly many acquaintances), but for some freak of nature I think she has all of the ages, anniversaries and even telephone numbers memorized. Who does that? I digress.  She is simply an amazing family member to both her immediate and extended family.

Don’t hesitate to comment on this post about the blessing you see/experience in Elisabeth, or perhaps even better, go to her Facebook and say something, shoot her an email or give her a quick call!  She’ll be blessed!

Happy Birthday Elisabeth!  I love you more and more each day.

And… you’re not old!



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