Top Five Tuesday: Things I’m Looking Forward To This Week!

Thought I’d give you a quick glimpse at my week with this edition of “Top 5 Tuesday.”  In the case you didn’t read yesterday’s post, it is far more important than this one, please scroll down, or just click here and do that first.  I am in great need of your help with that one!

Besides the disciplining myself over the next few weeks to really go for it on the completion of the writing projects, I thought I’d give you a glimpse at the things that have me pretty excited.  The criteria… as I look at my iCal, these are the things that perked some interest! Granted, some of these things are not actually on my iCal, but they showed up in my mind.

Without further ado, this list.

Five: Chillin’ on the Couch with Elisabeth (and time with the family).  Because I have had to travel a bit this fall, the time at night catching up with Elisabeth has been precious.  We are avid Survivor, The Office and Amazing Race fans.  We still have a few episodes to catch up on (at least for AR).  I cherish the down time with the family and look forward to at least an evening or two this week where I will get to wrestle with Will, cuddle with Audrey and play some checkers (iPhone) with Halle.

Four: Catch-up with old friends.  I have several scheduled coffees/appointments that will have me sitting (or on the phone) with the likes of Barry, Eric, Micah, Miki, and Derek to name a few!  I look forward to seeing/hearing what the Lord is doing in these lives.

Three: Hearts tournament! A tradition like none other… okay, a tradition line one other (because we do it twice a year).  The Hearts tournament.  This, the 18th annual (though I have only been playing for about the last 11) Tourney is with my good friend Frank.  We do one tourney up north (Marysville area) and one down south (Renton area).  This competition has seen anywhere from 16 to 36 men come together to compete to shoot the moon!  If you know how to count cards and want to take some points, don’t hesitate to contact me to get in the tourney on Saturday.

Two (tie): Breakfast with John and Becky.  Last year was a pretty interesting year, for the first time since college we actually had to choose a church to attend (rather than being hired by one).  Well, we ended falling “in like” with a church w/o a Senior Pastor.  Elisabeth and I both felt called to the church for a unique reason, we thought we may be used at that new church to serve as some sort of refuge to whomever the new Senior Pastor (and family may be).  Well, here we are about six weeks into the new Senior Pastors calling to our church.  We will be going out to breakfast with them this week and we look forward to developing that relationship and to see if what we thought we were called to do at Faith is in fact part of the reason we came?

Two (tie): Lunch with 45-50 Youth Leaders. This Thursday is my “back yard” Youth Leader lunch at the Old Spaghetti Factory at Southcenter (which happens to be “new).  I can’t believe that on my first draft I forgot to put this one in, though it was probably the primary thing I thought of when starting this list… it just slipped by.  Having done six other lunches and one to com in Portland, I have to tell you, this is the ONE that I am the most excited about, simply because I don’t have to travel for it and because so many of my good friends in ministry will be in attendance!

One: Elisabeth’s Birthday Dinner! Though not confirmed as to the “for sure” time/date, it is a tradition for the Aabys and the Huffmans to go out to dinner.  Brandon is the Youth Pastor at First EPC (where I once served as well) and his wife, Amanda, shares the same birthweek as Elisabeth.  Brandon and I made this discovery several years ago and have  taken that gals out to dinner at one of our favorite steak places every year since.  So, off to JaK’s we go once again.  This time to the Issaquah location.  Happy birthday on the 19th to my wonderful wife!

So, there’s a glimpse at my down time.  In order to take advantage of those special moments, I need your prayers for the disciplined times of writing.  Again, if you haven’t taken a “shift” will you go to my previous post and sign up for a day (or more) to pray for the writing?




3 thoughts on “Top Five Tuesday: Things I’m Looking Forward To This Week!

  1. Survivor NEEDS people like Russell. The Survivor franchise won’t survive without players like Russell. Is he a pig? Probably. But he’s on a reality TV show. They don’t generally attract the cream of society’s crop anyway, do they? 🙂

    But I do suspect “producer plant” with Russell more than any other “character” from any season.

    Not sure if that’s consistent with Brian’s opinion . . . but that’s the consensus from this corner of the Aaby house!

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