Covering the Writing!

With this post I want to “rally the troops”  Are you willing to be one of troops?  I hope so, please comment at the end!

I know that God delights in our prayers and I am hoping He will delight in your prayers on behalf of the writings for the training manuals, devotionals and foll0w-thru materials Youthmark will produce for the 2010 YMV’s.

One MAJOR area of emphasis we place on the training side of the mission trip is prayer.  We encourage each participant to have 20+ prayer partners.  Well, I’m looking for the same as I endeavor to get the majority of the writings completed for the 2010 YMV season in the next three weeks.  Will you cover a day (or more) in prayer?  There is no expectation as to what “covering” looks like, you make your prayer time what you want it to be for that day/those days.

storyFrom November 17-December 8, I plan to really “go for it” to get each of the below listed publications finished (they are all in various stages of completion).

  • Story: The Mission Prep Workbook. This is the training workbook for each participant, using Acts 6-13 as the guiding section of Scripture.
  • Partnerships.  This is a new publication for Youthmark, this is a complete guide to mission support (prayer and financial).
  • The Leaders Guide 2010. This notebook is the Youth Leaders Guide to all things Admin and Leadership for the 2010 YMV’s.

threebooksOn the Radar: As soon as each of the above are completed we turn our attention to RoadGrip, HomeBase and Merge for 2010.

How Can You Partner?

Will you sign up to be a primary prayer partner for any of the following days?  I will update the list as folk commit to praying.  In committing to pray for one (or more) of the days, I will do my best to shoot you a specific prayer request for that day (clueing you in on the specific project I am working on that day).  I have listed the weekend days as well because at times I will be writing, but primarily I will have the people signed up for these days praying for my time with my family.

You can “sign up” by either commenting on this post, shooting me a FB message or an email (brian{at}youthmark{dot}com). I will update the list of people with first names only.    When you comment on the blog I have access to your email address you listed to register a comment (so, no need to list your email in a comment).  Don’t hesitate to sign up for a day already taken, I want multiples!

I hope to get as many people covering the writing, as I believe through His Word and by His Spirit there is a mighty work of God in store for the participants! I want you to be a part of that process!

Prayer Coverings For Each Day:

Tuesday, Nov. 17: Aimee, Stephen

Wednesday, Nov. 18: Aimee, Stephen

Thursday, Nov. 19: Aimee, Stephen

Friday, Nov. 20: Micah & Rebecca, Stephen

Saturday, Nov. 21: Christie, Stephen

Sunday, Nov. 22: Michelle, Stephen

Monday, Nov. 23: Michelle, Stephen

Tuesday, Nov. 24: Michelle, Matt

Wednesday, Nov. 25: Brad

Thursday, Nov. 26 (Thanksgiving): Weston

Friday, Nov. 27: Micah & Rebecca

Saturday, Nov. 28: Christie

Sunday, Nov. 29: Wes

Monday, Nov. 30: Wes

Tuesday, Dec. 1: Ricky

Wednesday, Dec. 2: Brad

Thursday, Dec. 3: Ricky

Friday, Dec. 4: Micah & Rebecca

Saturday, Dec. 5: Maureen

Sunday, Dec. 6: Maureen, Rachel

Monday, Dec. 7: Gene, Rachel

Tuesday, Dec. 8: Gene, Rachel

I’ll keep updating as people sign up.  Don’t hesitate to sign up for more than one day.  I’ll shoot an email to you on the day(s) you signed up, or the evening before your date.



13 thoughts on “Covering the Writing!

  1. I’ll stand with you in prayer on Monday and Tuesday, Dec 7-8. I like the idea of praying you through to the end of the project!

  2. I am happy to cover Thanksgiving Day Brian. I will be giving Thanks for you and God’s answers to pray to that point! May your “pen” be swift!

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