Always Choose Option #2

Years and years ago, when Elisabeth and I were dating, she and I were joking about some small choice I had to make.  She had given me a couple different choices in restaurants or something small like that.  Well, I chose the first option she gave me, where she had really hoped I would have chosen #2.  The joke then became, “always choose option two.”

Yesterday, I was driving to DFW Airport about three hours before my flight.  I was on the phone with Elisabeth and I said, “I’m about 5 miles from the airport, should I stop off here where I see a Starbucks and work for an hour, or go straight to the airport and just chill there?”  She quickly looked up on Google and saw that the airport charges for Wi-fi and said, “well, you won’t have to pay for Wi-fi at Starbucks, so go there.”

Long-story short.  I did Starbucks, left two hours before my flight to get to the airport, the five miles took me an hour.  The shuttle bus driver from the Rental Car place decided to wait for the bus to be full and I arrived at the airport 39 minutes before my flight.  They cut off check-in 40 minutes before flights.

So, here I sit at DFW, ready to take off for Seattle.


Here’s to seeing my family today instead of yesterday.

Photo 35

Always choose option two!



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