Not All Is Bigger In Texas

Coming home from a quick three day trip to TX.  This was a fantastic trip, and what they say  about everything being bigger in Texas is not true.  Case in point, look at this picture:

Me, contemplating why my Venti is only 20 oz in Texas.

My Venti Iced Coffee is the exact same size as my Venti in Seattle.   Another example; the number of people in Houston who came to my preview meal was 8 (for a city with about 6 million people), whereas in Glenwood Springs, CO, a town of 10,000, we had  9 people!  So, not all is bigger.

However, I will tell you that the ministry was AWESOME in TX.  I really enjoyed our preview meals (18 today in Dallas).  I felt like the sharing times were very rich and that all of the participants came away encouraged in their own ministry to each of our “Jerusalems.”

One story specifically I’ll tell you about is in Dallas today with Michelle, our server at Buca Di Beppo.  She overheard much of the presentation (as she faithfully took care of drink refills and plate clearing).  Afterwards, one of the YP’s and I were talking and she interrupted to compliment us on the day and something she overheard.  Long-story-short, we were able to really engage her, pray for her and hear her struggles (very tough family stuff).  It was such a blessing to tag-team with a brother I didn’t know two hours before and witness to/pray with Michelle!  Please pray for her and her family.

Great times, but so thankful to be home with the family and praying that the connections made in TX will be BIGGER than we ever could expect!






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