Top Five Tuesday: Negatives of Weight Loss

images-3Let me start by saying the positives FAR outweigh (no pun intended) the negatives of my recent quest to get-in-shape. That is to say, get into a shape other than round.  However, the subject for today’s Top list is the top 5 negatives about the weight loss.  There are a few obvious ones, however, there are a few that could surprise.

About this time last year I had really decided that it was time to take some control over my eating habits and exercise.  It was just a decision, not one that I actually followed up on, but at least the decision was made.  I really didn’t want a doc to tell me at age 45, “you need to lose 50 pounds.”  Being in my mid 30’s I figured it was a lot easier to lose it now, than later. Long story short, and because of travel through the spring, I determined that Memorial Day to Labor Day would be my primary time to make it happen.

So far I am down about 30 pounds.  I am quite comfortable with my weight now, and will feel fine if I stay within 5 pounds either way of where I am as of today.

Again, most everything about the weight-loss is positive, so I’m not complaining, simply pointing out a few things I’ve noticed!

Without further ado, the list:

Honorable Mentions (the obvious): Not Eating the Stuff I Want. This actually hasn’t been too bad, but every now and again I really, really, really want to just dive in on something bad.  The good news now, I can!  As long as I don’t do it often and keep up the exercise I am golden, but it’s the digging in to often that I am concerned about!

imagesFive: Biking Budget. I have put a lot of miles on my bike the last few months, so much so that the back tire is about to tear into shreds.  The whole bike is in need of a good tune-up and the fact that the weather has changed means that the clothing is changing.  I now need bike-gear for the winter.  This weight-loss can get expensive.

Four: The Compliments/Comments? For the most part I like them.  It’s very thoughtful and nice to hear that people think you look good having lost the weight.  But then it makes you self-conscious… was I that big/ugly/nasty before?  I know people mean the best… I think?  Ha.

images-2Three: Clothing budget. First, I don’t buy a lot of new clothes to begin with, but now, I am forced to.  I think the most annoying part is the actual shopping for clothes.  I’m not one for trying things on, looking for the right sale, price comparisons, etc.  The very thought of spending a few hours, let alone many dollars on new clothes almost propels this one up the list.  Or, I can just look like I really love hip-hop and layer up boxers, hoop shorts and one more pair of boxers and let the jeans just hang half way down my back side.  Nah, I’ll go to the mall if I have to.

Two: My License. Seeing as how I JUST got my new license last December I am now stuck with that picture for years to come. I can’t wait until 2013… hmmm, perhaps I’ll unINTENTIONALLY lose it.  That picture must go bye-bye!

images-1One: Resizing of Ring. My wedding ring is consistently sliding up my finger and I’ve nearly lost it a number of times.  I need to get this baby re-sized, stat!  The biggest negative, what if I gain weight?  Will I lose a finger because of circulation issues of I resize too small?  Oh, I got it, just don’t put the weight back on!  Good call.

So, there ya go.  Not too controversial I’d think?

I’d appreciate your prayers for me to continue the good disciplines!



One thought on “Top Five Tuesday: Negatives of Weight Loss

  1. Good list, Brian. I agree with all of them. My problem with the ring is that I actually had gained enough weight awhile back that I had to have my wedding ring cut off… and now it is sitting in a drawer waiting for my body to decide what weight I’ll stay at.

    As for clothes, I recommend the clearance rack at Old Navy… I have been blessed to find a number of great pairs of jeans for $5.

    You forgot to mention all the other pictures, though.

    Every picture taken of me in the past 8 years is now REALLY embarrassing!

    You look great, friend!

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