The Needed Sunday

I’m coming off of a terrific weekend, and in particular a Sunday that was very needed.

My brother-in-law flew up from Southern California to spend the weekend with us.  He and I have been in the same Fantasy Basketball league for the last several years; this year we decided to do a live draft and get everyone together.  Scott made the trip up to spend time with the family here and get to meet (in person) all the others in the league.

We had a great time together the whole time, but Sunday was the best and very needed for me.

It’s been a busy/hectic/stressful last couple weeks for me.  It seems like a lot of Youthmark stuff was all coming together and once and if I wanted to every waking minute could be spent doing Youthmark related projects. So, Scott’s visit couldn’t have come at a worse, or better time!  It forced me to take a break, relax and just be!  Sunday specifically was that forced break.

We started the day by picking up my Dad (Mom was out of town) and had my family and Scott go up to 67, for Breakfast.  Great grub and awesome atmosphere.  Got back in time for second service at church.  Came home for lunch and some relax time before heading over to another church to play basketball with all the guys from our fantasy league.   Because I’ve gotten in good physical shape (a shape other than “round”), I was able to play well (at least I had my stamina).

After hoops Scott and I came back to finish the prep work for dinner with all the guys back at my house.  Grilled up some steak and chicken and really enjoyed the fellowship with all the FBL guys!  After dinner we had the Fantasy League Draft and a lot of laughter!

I didn’t do a thing for Youthmark (okay, snuck in a couple quick emails that needed to be tended to, but never really had to think too much).  It was a wonderful break!

Oh wait, almost forgot, as I was getting ready for bed I saw on someone’s Tweet that U2 had a live feed of their LA concert on Youtube!  Elisabeth and I watched most of it online, we lost sleep, but oh boy, it was worth it!

Refreshing to get back at it today.  Please pray for a the upcoming lunches and that those who come to preview Youthmark Mission Ventures would see a great potential partner in Youthmark!



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