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A Call To Christians…

Pretty exciting stuff happening in the lives of believers here, at least this is what I am sensing.  I’m so hopeful that we will continue to see believers step up in their pursuit of sharing Christ with those who do not know Jesus as Lord.  For too long we have thought that missions means “over there.”  The way I read Acts 1:8 is that “mission” means “everywhere” (our immediate area, those that are different within our area, just outside our immediate area and then all across the land–that’s my interpretation of “Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and the ends of the earth).

Greg Stier (President of Dare 2 Share) and I just exchanged a couple emails along these lines and I am happy to see he commented on my last post.  I did the same on his blog ( under a post by Greg.  Go check it out and comment on his blog here.

If you don’t feel a heart for the unsaved,  if you don’t sense a calling to your neighborhood/coffee shop/school/workplace, if you’re not moved to share your faith with those who don’t know Jesus, then I will say something quite bold–You may not know Jesus. Please don’t just blow over those words, read them, contemplate them, take them before the Lord and consider.

I’m proud to read some the emails and FB messages a number of you have given me along the lines of your “relaunch” into your mission field (campus, club and community). Keep it up for His glory!  Prayer, care and share!

The more you pray for the lost, the more you care for them and the more you want to share with them.  Start with prayer.  Witness what Jesus did with His message and how He got it out (by word & deed, not just deed).  Look at the Apostles, see how Peter was the first to step out in faith after Jesus ascended in Acts 1. In Acts 2, 3, 4, etc. we see the Disciples begin to actively share (in word and deed, not just deed) Here we are 2000 years later–it’s time for every Believer to “step up” and pray, care and share.





One thought on “Similar Conversations

  1. I work with two year olds. And I work at two different church sites. One is a preschool site and one is a daycare site.
    I am able to share Jesus each and every day.
    “Be do not be deceived”. Just because they are churches, I consider it just as much as any run of the mill other place in my day. Just Thursday a lady that works there shared this with me. She told me her name, shortening it, telling me I wouldn’t be able to remember the long version. She is Indian, and told me the name means, “non-existant one”. I said something like that is sad, why would they name you that? She said it was the name given her because she was born paralyzed on her left side. Normally she would have been raised to be a Indian doctor. But, because of her birth defect she was named that. I was actually so shocked by our conversation that I will have to pick it up again with her next Thursday when I will see her again. Because I do not know where she stands with the Lord. She babysits at a church, but where does she stand with Jesus? I pray and I wait, and I will find out soon. Like I say, the whole conversation so shocked me I have to go back at it from a different angle at a different time. God knows, I care, I was just taken back by the whole conversation. Do the children know Jesus?
    Do the parents know Jesus? Do the fellow teachers know Jesus? I know I know Jesus.
    That is why I must share Him.

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