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Yep, that’s right, going right at the core of Christianity with this one.  Or at least what I think is at the core.

IYHO (for those out of the texting generation: In Your Humble Opinion), why aren’t Christians more active in sharing their faith with words?

Very open ended question, one that might cause offense, defense or neutrality.  One that in answering may cause you to reflect and face your own strengths, weakness or hypocrisy.  But I’m throwing it out there for discussion.  Statistics say that the average American Christian will not ever share (with words) his/her faith in an effort to have that person know and receive the Love of Christ. Why do you think this is the case?

I will eventually get around to answering these questions I am posting, but for now, I’m going to pose a few more.

Don’t hesitate to go back to my previous post and think through any of the answers you may have for those questions as well.  I appreciate the couple answers I have gotten already (I had a couple people email me rather than posting their thoughts under “comments”).

Appreciate anyone willing to risk in answering these questions.  Once again, don’t use names in negative examples (unless you’re talking about yourself and want to share a personal life-lesson). Thanks!




8 thoughts on “More Questions

  1. Because many Christians are not immersed in the Word of God and therefore are not confident (or equipped) to defend their faith as 1 Peter 3:15 says,

    “Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have.”

    This isn’t an option (we Christians) have… It’s essential to our Christian faith.

  2. 1. Your faith is oppressing you and you have no desire to spread the disease. If your faith is based on rules this may be the case.

    2. You are involved in some pretty corrupt things and feel guilty about telling people you’re a Christian.

    3. You are shy.You might share your faith sometimes by inviting friends to church.

    4. You don’t think you know how.

    5. You don’t have non-christian friends and you don’t talk to strangers.

    6. You respect other people, their boundaries and their privacy too much.

    At one point or other in my life these are all things that held me back from sharing my faith in words.

  3. Because I’m a people-pleasing perfectionist who can envision an almost-infinite number of ways for it to go badly, and who bases real-life decisions on avoiding imaginary consequences.

    Which is dead wrong.

    That’s not where I am now (though that’s still where I struggle), and though I agree with Joe, that being I Pet 3:15 “prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks” is best, I’ve used not FEELING prepared as a reason to say nothing. Mark 13:11 tells me that the holy spirit can give me words if I’m not prepared.

    That doesn’t make me any less fearful, but it does give me courage to remember that I might be thought a fool for speaking badly (or speaking well, who knows?), but I’m a coward if I ignore the conviction to speak. I haven’t always felt this, but I’d rather be a fool.

  4. I think that we have taken the urgency out of evangelism in exchange for “living the gospel.” It seems to me as though the stereotype of lifestyle evangelism has become a “get out of jail free” card for having to actually open your mouth to share the words of the gospel and, thereby, subject yourself to open shame. It’s ironic that Jesus only got in trouble for acts of good deeds once as far as I can tell (healing the dude’s withered hand on the Sabbath) but he got in trouble again and again for the words that he spoke. The offense of the cross is not a life well lived. The offense of the cross is the messgae of grace unleashed verbally as the sole way of salvation. Until we get our teens unleashing it they will miss out on the privilege of suffering for Christ.

    Time to man up.

  5. Because it’s scary. It’s controversial, and people might not like it if you took the leap from “nice guy” to “Bible thumping Jesus freak.” And because we don’t know a good way to approach it.

    Which could all be summed up by saying “we aren’t Christlike enough,” I suppose. A lot of people have an instant, negative reaction to hearing “Christian” and get very defensive. We don’t want to face that.

  6. My mind tends to immediately flip these types of questions. “Why are some Christians more active in sharing their faith in words?”
    I think it is because they get it. Get what? They get that if it were not for Christ they would be going to hell. Others who are without Christ are going to hell. Unless they stand in “His robe of righteousness”. There is truly a bottom line and there really is only ONE way to
    heaven, thank you, thank you, thank you
    JESUS! I share for one reason and one reason only. Someone was kind enough to share Him with me!!!

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