CONTEST: Brush With Fame

Elisabeth and I were up at Pike Place Market on Friday, I was able to sneak off a picture of another semi-famous person.  He was looking down at his iphone texting away so I took advantage and snapped a photo with my iphone!

Here’s how this works, you get to guess who the person is in this photo, if nobody gets it right I will start adding clues.

If  you already know that I saw this person this weekend you are not eligible to guess!


Guess away, clues below as needed (and updated every few hours).  Since I saw him at Starbucks, that’s what you get if you win.



Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner (or Starbucks technically).  Sort of a fun “Brush With Fame” but also a tough one to do, because I knew I should have had some more stringent rules, like “if you went to school with this guy you can’t guess.”  But, I didn’t, so good job Kevin Hearne, you win.

This is Mike Penberthy, played with the Lakers for a couple seasons and then went to to be a start in some European leagues as well.  He was in town to speak at a Men’s Retreat (he and his wife stayed with us actually, so it wasn’t like I just ran into him at Pike Place, we took them to Pike Place).  Ha.

More on Mike and Wendy’s time here in a later post!


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