The Latest Trip

I was down in Southern California for the last couple of days.

Quick catch up:

Flew in on Tuesday night headed straight up to my in-laws and was able to catch the last few innings of the Mariners game (loss) in Anaheim.  A great steak salad (thanks Karen).

Wednesday met with a CPA (something about having a company and needing to pay taxes on stuff, wasn’t really paying attention?… I kid of course).  Worked on the prospectus for Youthmark Mission Ventures (coming along nicely) and had dinner with even more in-laws (a fantastic dinner, great laughter with the nephew and nieces).

Thursday drove south to the greater San Diego area, had a morning coffee with the Youth Pastor from Pine Valley (looks like they’re doing a YMV next summer), lunch with best-bud Jeramy at the Spaghetti Factory, coffee with Josh from Emmanuel Faith (Youth Pastor who did a Gulf Coast mission this last year) then dinner with Jeramy and Jerusha and family.  Jeramy and I caught a late-night movie then too (I honestly can’t remember the last time I went to a movie).

Brian and Jeramy, 9.11.09

Brian and Jeramy, 9.11.09

Friday I had a very relaxing time with Jeramy, lots of catching up and spurring each other on.  We went out to a local coffee place, Escondido Joe’s, for  long coffee (sat outside) then lunch at Chili’s (gotta love the bottomless chili and salad).  I am thankful that God allowed this time for us to catch up.  Was truly a rich time.

I was planning on seeing Paco (aka Daniel) up at Biola, but he’s not feeling well (I didn’t want to bring sickness home to the kids) and I seized the opportunity to fly home early (flight scheduled for 8:45 PM, home at 11:30, instead got on a flight at 3:30 and was home by 6:00).  I made it to the airport with maybe 15 seconds to spare (no kidding). Was able to share Jesus on the flight with my seat neighbor.

Landed at 6:00, which was perfect timing–some friends of ours from Phoenix are in town and had called when I was deciding on if I should come home early, they asked if we could have dinner tonight.  So, JP and Andrea picked me up, we picked up Qdoba and we got home just as Elisabeth and the kids were coming home from soccer practice (Halle).

So stoked to be home early!

Great week. I have a lot to get done as a result, but we blessed by time with extended family, work relationships, friends and now being home with my family!



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