The Rest of That Story…

So, yesterday I posted a funny prank that some comedy show pulled on a bunch of unsuspecting folk.  A great idea, funny stuff.  Yes, I have some great pranks I have had pulled on me and that I/we have pulled on others.  A recent one I may even post about soon.  However, I eluded to a similar bathroom one yesterday.  Here’s the rest of that story.

Some of you know a former student of mine, we’ll call him “Eric,” because, that is his actual name (no protecting the victims here). When Elisabeth and I accepted a call to move from Seattle to Phoenix, a few of our students came over and were so gracious in helping us prepare to move (doing general packing, clean-up, etc.).  Well, Eric was relatively new to our group and going into his freshman year when we were moving on.  How cool was it that a young guy like this would be so giving?  Very cool, thanks Eric!

As our day progressed his older brother, we’ll call him “Byron” (yep, that’s him), had to leave, Eric volunteered to keep helping and another student, whom Eric had just met, “Michael” said he would take Eric under his wing (and figure out how to get Eric home).

We fast forward.

Mike ends up taking Eric over to Mike’s house before transporting Eric home. As soon as they get to Mike’s (then vacated) house, Eric asks to use the restroom.  Well, this was a five-plus-minute restroom break, not the garden variety one minute break.  So, while Eric is using the downstairs, just-off-the-family-room, bathroom, Mike goes upstairs to attend to some business.  Meanwhile, back down stairs all of Mike’s family comes home and makes themselves comfortable in the family room (next to said bathroom, with said stranger–“Eric” inside).

What would you do?

What would you do?

Keep in mind, Eric is new.

The family has never met Eric.

Yet, he is in their restroom with the family assuming NOBODY is home.

What do you do if you’re Eric and you hear all the noise of strange voices inside the family room?

What do you do if you’re the family and a strange 14-year old kid walks out?

Eric did eventually come back out, several minutes later.  He introduced himself to the family (who still to this day must be wondering why he was in there for so long?).

Oh, the awkwardness.  I love it.

On a different, yet similar note: I can’t wait for The Office to come back on, its situations like this that make that show a huge success!



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