Top 5 Tuesday: Fall

Fall marks a season of “new beginnings” (seems redundant huh?).  And, as I continue the tradition of Top 5 Tuesdays, I thought I’d explore the top five reasons I’m excited about the fall of 2009.  The criteria for today’s top five–can be anything that has me excited that the season is changing from summer to fall, and as I peruse my reasonings, you’ll find that there isn’t a consistent thread, it’s quite the diverse list.

So, with no further ado, here is the list:

images-2Honorable Mentions: Fall Foods (looking forward to some of the warm yummy stuff Elisabeth makes), Soccer on Saturdays (the girls are both playing soccer this year) and Will Walking (he’s bound to take his first real steps any day now)

ss-7660366-footballFive: Football. I’m a big sports fan.  Period.  But for whatever reason this season I seem to be looking forward to football with great expectation.  Perhaps its the fact that I have a specific high school that I get to follow (whereas in years past I have had students at various schools, now I can concentrate on my alma mater and the place I lead YL).  Maybe I’m excited about football because of the renewed hopes for UW football?  I could have renewed enthusiasm for the Seahawks because of a healthy Matt Hasselbeck or a new coach? Like I said, for whatever reason, I’m excited.  Are you ready for some football?

Four: Projects and People.  The fall marks the return to some regular meetings.  Tuesday will often lead to a Youth Pastor network in West Seattle, Wednesday is my time with the Burien area Youth Pastors (and La Costa for lunch, YUM).  I’m looking forward to the regular meeting with the Kent/Renton Youth Leaders as well.  On top of the regular meetings the fall also brings me the time to meet with individual Youth Pastors to share about Youthmark and specifically the YMV’s for 2010.  And last but not least in this category, the fall is bringing me some time, dedicated office time, to get the projects done that need to get done.

Missing From This Pic: US!

Missing From This Pic: US!

Three: Young Life. I became a Young Life leader at Kentridge High School late last fall and really began to invest as 2009 began.  This last summer I was part of a group of about 50 students and leaders from Kentridge who traveled to Washington Family Ranch for summer camp.  Well, this year, I return as a volunteer, only this year, I return to take on a class as well.  Whereas last year I was sort of a “catch all” leader, this year I get to concentrate on those brand new students to KR.  And the extra special blessing–Elisabeth is joining the KR team to work with the KR Frosh girls!  Woo-hoo!

imagesTwo: Down Time With TV.  First, understand I am not a huge fan of the ol’ tube.  With that being said, there is NOTHING on during the summer that draws me to the TV (besides sports of course).  Well, as the networks bring back regular programming I can honestly say that The Office, Survivor and The Amazing Race have me excited for a couple hours of down time during the week.

images-1One: Routine. I love the summer for the sense of non-routine, but I am so excited to have a somewhat regular, predictable schedule.  Even the non-predictable travel has become predictable for me, meaning, I know that it will happen and we (Elisabeth and I) know how to adjust our schedules to make it work.  I like knowing that the girls have school at X time, that Will should get a regular nap at Y.  With the sense of routine I’m hoping to have a more predictable date night with Elisabeth!  Though I like change, I like what the change from summer to fall will bring–routine.

What are some of the things you’re looking forward to this fall?  What does the change of seasons bring/mean for you?

Back to the projects and people; I like this routine (cuz it will free me up for some football and TV after Young Life)… Ha, look at that , I tied them all together!



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