Sunday night, August 30, 2009 marked the official ending of the 2009 YMV season.  What a year it has been.  I will be posting some pictures (just haven’t uploaded them yet), however, I had one person tell me that he “stopped counting at 160” and another said, “I counted more than 175 people at this thing.”

What a blessing it was to be together.  Please praise the Lord with me as we celebrate the thousands of lives touched through the YMV’s this year!  Please be in prayer for me right now as I am writing next years Prospectus.  My hope is to have this done this week!

If you are on Facebook, go to my page, or the Youthmark page (if you’re not yet, become a “fan” of Youthmark).  You can see the video we showed last night (with the same songs on it as we played last nigh).  Otherwise, click on the video below to see it with an updated soundtrack (because of copyright issues).

Appreciate your prayers for us!



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