CONTEST: Brush With Fame

If you were there, if I already told you, you’re not allowed to play.

This should be an easy one, therefore the prize is a simple one, a coffee at Sbux with me next time we see each other.

Who is this “famous person” I took a picture of recently at a grocery store?


If someone doesn’t get this based on just the picture then I will either post a larger pic or begin to give some clues.  In other words, I intentionally made it a small picture!


*** Hints ***

1. Been on the big and little screen

2. I speak english

3. Updated larger picture below

4. From the land of U2 and Guinness


I got up this morning and Elisabeth announced to me “you have a winner, it’s Jeramy.”  Well, I got online and because first-time commenters (or those who haven’t commented in quite some time) have to be approved by the blog-owner I found that the actual winner was Ben.  He got his Pierce Brosnan answer in about a half hour before Jeramy.  Congrats Ben.  And as an FYI, Andrea who commented that she knew the answer but wanted to see if someone else knew, did in fact know the answer, I saw her on Facebook last night and she told me the answer but hoped someone more local would win.

I posted the largest picture below, where you can see more clearly that it is Pierce.

My conversation with him.

In the checkout line at Foodland, as Pierce grabs a “US Weekly” or some other gossip magazine I said, “trying to find yourself in there?”

With his Irish accent and laughter he says, “I certainly hope not, I haven’t done anything to warrant my being in here.”

He didn’t have his club-card with him for his grocery discount, but the cashier was kind enough to look in the system (after she had him spell his last name for her) and he got the discount on his $34 bill.  Which he paid for with a $50.  I noticed because he had to get past the five or six $100 bills to find the smaller denomination.



10 thoughts on “CONTEST: Brush With Fame

  1. I know the answer, and we will be in Seattle in about 2 weeks so I could go ahead and say, but I’ll wait to see if anyone else gets it!

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