I have hinted at and eluded to the fact that there was something new happening at Youthmark; well, he’s here.  For the last several months I have been in discussions with Kirk Petersen about the possibility of him joining the Youthmark team.  Kirk, for the better part of two decades has served as a Youth Pastor in Oregon.  The last few years he has also ministered with Alpha as well.

n1778734880_1403_2178319Kirk and I became friends back in 1995 while both serving as Youth Pastors in Roseburg, Oregon.  We quickly became friends through the Youth Leader Network there in Roseburg and soon we were coaching Soccer together at the high school and sharing stories with one anther as both of us had just asked our girlfriends to become our brides.  The couple years serving in the same community with Kirk (and subsequently Marlys as well) were a great joy.  We have grown in friendship over the years.

Kirk is going to be be partnering with Youthmark as he continues to team with Alpha as well.  In essence he’ll be contracted with Youthmark and serve as a support-based missionary with Alpha.  Kirk is going to continue to live in Portland and take on the greater Oregon and Southern Washington markets.  He’ll meet with Youth Pastors and share about the Youthmark Mission Ventures and see if we may be able to partner more churches with what we are doing through Youthmark.  In addition Kirk will play a role in the scouting of locations, training of students (spring retreat) and provide leadership at some of the Hubs.

Kirk and Marlys were down in Salem with me for the Launch of the NorCal teams.  It was so much fun to begin the working relationship and to see his gifts and talents being used in this way.

Youthmark has been a faith-adventure from the get-go, we are trusting in God’s provision in bringing on Kirk for this contracted work.  We truly appreciate your prayers for the Aabys, the Petersens and for Youthmark!

Welcome Kirk!


Kirk, Brian and NorCal "Lead," Aaron Bauer

Kirk, Brian and NorCal "Lead," Aaron Bauer

Kirk, sharing a bit of his story (NorCal launch)

Kirk, sharing a bit of his story (NorCal launch)


3 thoughts on “Introducing…

  1. Cool, God’s blessing on what is probably His idea from the get-go! Welcome to the
    Petersens’ family! More info. please?
    Do they have any kids? You know all the
    important stuff… I like to pray very
    specifically, but I can’t do that if all I
    know is Kirk, Marlys and Salem. God knows so no true worries. Has he written any books? The important questions…

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