Please Pray!

Over the last couple of days I have been catching wind of something brewing down in Escondido, CA.  Emmanuel Faith Church of Escondido is one of our YMV teams, they have a very unique situation in which they are partnering with two organizations, one servers in inner-city New Orleans, and the other, Youthmark, is taking the team to Pass Christian, MS.

They high school ministry of EFCC just returned from Hume Lake Christian Camp, I read that the trip was fantastic.  The problem, and the MAJOR prayer request is that a few people in their high school group have come down with the flu.  Josh, the High School Pastor, called me to tell me that there are 3-4 on the team who have been hit with this bug.

One of the students who is sick also has a father who is serving as a leader/driver on the team.  If she is unable to go on the trip then he will be forced to stay at home with her as well; so please lift up this situation as well.

Wouldn’t it be awesome to see God heal all of these who have been hit with the bug and have all the team members able to do the 2.5 week mission?  Let’s pray that this happens!

Please spread this news to others you know in your workplace, church, neighborhood, etc. who would like to see God answer in His wonderful ways!



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