My Personal Mission Trip

All this week I have been doing something I have longed to do for a very long time, about 19 years to be exact.

I am down in Central Oregon at Washington Family Ranch (formerly Wildhorse Canyon), a YoungLife Property.  I am down here with several hundred teens from all over the west and many leaders who want to love and support these students well as many hear the Gospel for the first time.  Specifically, I am leading with 6 other Kentridge Leaders who are here with 50 KR students.

As I posted just over a week ago, one June 28, 1990 I trusted Christ as Lord and Savior in a very similar setting, at Malibu Club in Canada (another YL property).  It is my hope (and prayer) that I will be able to help others in their discovery of Christ this week.

All summer long I will help students who are being sent on Mission trips in an effort to be trained for their mission at home.  It was with great hope I left on this trip as I have looked at this as the week I was really be “sent” on my own mission trip.  My prayer is the same for myself–I pray this will increase my mission back home!

Appreciate the prayers you can lift for me and for the students here at WFR!  I return today so that I can quickly turn around and launch the Gulf Coast teams (would love your prayers for this as well).



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