Not Even 1/2 Way Done…

… And I am already working on next year!

Over the last few months I’ve been extremely busy with the last-minute details for the 2009 YMV’s.  We’re now a little over a week into July and not even half way done (in fact, just a third of the way) with our 2009 YMV’s and I am already fully engaged in the planning of specific details for the 2010 YMV season.

We have tentative dates.

We have camp(s) lined up.

We have some themes.

We have Youth Pastors already committing to doing it again.

We have specific locations lining up.

We have “we” (no, not the game network–I will share more on the “we” part in a later post).

We have the general idea and flow for next years Mission Prep Notebook (Acts 6-13).

I even have a couple of my training talks outlined already, and those aren’t for another 9 months!

I’m pretty excited about next year; there are thousands of details we still need to work on (and discover), but for now, I’ll pray for God to continue to give me new and fresh ideas and that 2009 provides a foundation for future years!



One thought on “Not Even 1/2 Way Done…

  1. Sounds good, and with having a family of your own with three children, I’m sure you will have fresh and new ideas coming every year. Somebody told me once, “Jan you can’t say you are not creative, because the
    creator of the universe lives in you.” I have never forgotten that statement or the truth it contained.” Praying He will give you His creativety and His new fresh ideas.

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