Village Missions–great partners!

A couple weeks ago I have a quick-stint travel opportunity I could not pass up!  I flew in to Reno and rented a car for the 75 minute drive to Graeagle, CA (Quincy is the only town that anyone would recognize in that area if you’re not from around there).

I was invited to share at the Summer Connection for the Pastors/Missionaries (and their families) of Village Missions SW District.  The 20-or-so families represented many churches from CA, AZ and NV.  This was a Godsend opportunity for me.  For years I have partnered with this fantastic organization on mission trips.  They do such a great job of establishing or re-establishing churches in rural communities.

Because I personally like to scout each of the places we will be sending teams (I value the personal relationship and it builds trust between the church and the organization) I end up spending quite-a-bit of time on the road.  As Youthmark expands this demand could very easily become overwhelming and really impossible.  So, this was a Godsend in that in just a few days I was able to touch base and build relationship with about 15 Pastors interested in having a YMV come to their community!  Because of the relationship, I won’t have to travel to these towns to establish the relationship!  Praise God for His provision!

The true blessing was the relational time I had with these friends.  Though I made many new friends, I was able to spend extended time with some old friends as well!  I ran into the Primer’s (who now serve in CA, but were in Plummer ID when I sent a team there in 2000), the Rivers (we are sending a team to French Gulch this summer) and my good friends, the Murrells (from Pine Valley, CA).  The Murrells have become very good friends through the years, I have visited them a few times since leading a team in PV a couple years ago.

I was personally blessed to have spent an afternoon with just the Murrells on a scenic drive to a lake and to be led in worship by Josh and Caleb!

I’m praising God for the people he has brought into my life all over the country!  And am blessed to partner with such a great organization like VM!




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