Daddy, Daughter and Dude!

Happy Father’s Day to all you Dad’s out there!

Today was a fantastic day:

Church (great worship through song, sermon and prayer)

Church business meeting to call new Lead Pastor (unanimous vote)

Fantastic meatloaf lunch made by Elisabeth (“Mommy, this is the best thing you make, ‘cept maybe your blueberry muffins”)

Watched the M’s on the couch (they sweep the D’backs)

Napped while watching the M’s game (wonderful two-inning, 20-30 minute nap)

Daddy-Daughter date with Audrey to the Starbucks with the toys (Benson)… she got the cinnamon swirl coffee cake.

Return home, pick up Halle for her Daddy-Daughter date to the Fairwood Park… we then proceed to my parents house to borrow (with no intention of returning) some treats (M&M’s and Propel for Halle, Coke Zero for me).

Return home, pick up Will for Dad and Dude Outing.  Kent-Kangley Starbucks where Wescott is hanging out.  The three dudes hang out and Will munches on some Applesauce and Milk.  I refrained, didn’t want to spoil my appetite!

Return home and start a “continuing story” for the girls (another bedtime thrill for the gals, I do a made-up story for up to months on end, always with cliff-hanging moments like tonight:  (keep in mind, they are fully into this story already) “and when Papa arrived at the door with their surprise they couldn’t believe their eyes… you know what it was?” (girls: “what, what was it?”)… you’ll find out tomorrow.”)  The girls act like they hate that moment, but despite the tears, I know they actually love it!

All the kids in bed, I make myself BFD (breakfast for dinner)… yummm.

Posted an update on my Youthmark blog here about the YMV Launch.

Posted this post.

Now, I might watch part of a movie with my lovely Bride!

I am so thankful I get to be a Daddy!  A great day!



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