Bob and Pete Update

For those who enjoyed my little rant against Bob a few days back, I have an update…

No Pete!

No Pete!

Our bedtime routine got a little more interesting last night as Audrey joined the “my future” game and  the two of them put me to sleep and woke me up every 2-4 years to give me updates on their lives.

As you may remember, Halle married Bob, well, it turns out that Audrey marries a character named Pete (when she was 28).

So here were the highlights from the two of them:

  • Audrey too lives with her in-law, Pete’s parents (like Bob’s) apparently are rich as well (side note: interesting how early our culture ingrains the idea of “rich/poor” into our kids).  Pete is some sort of Pastor as well.  He preaches Sundays, works for Starbucks on Monday, has days off on Tuesday and Thursday, Wednesday Audrey doesn’t remember what Pete does (I’ll have to hire a private eye), Friday he sells cherries too and on Saturday he sells Plastic Paper.
  • Both Halle and Audrey have twins, oh, a few years later Will and his wife do too (side note:  we have never had twins in either of our families, so this was a pretty cool feat to have all three of our kids have sets of twins).
  • Audrey’s new last name is Gibson.
  • Halle’s new last name is Roberts.  So this means that she married Bob Roberts, aka “Robert Roberts” (side note:  What were Bob’s rich parents thinking naming him Robert?).

My newest website:

Tonight we go back to reading stories that have already been written rather than making up these nightmares!  Ha!



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