Final Club and the Seekers

Last night marked the end of our year at Kentridge Young Life.  I am thankful for the opportunity I have had to serve this year with a group of teens who are hungry for life.  So many of them remind me of me when I was their age.  They are seekers, only many don’t know what they are seeking.

They come seeking any (or all) of the following:  fame, fortune, popularity, belonging, escape, religion, love, laughter, outlet, understanding, stability, something different, friendship, comfort, him, her, help, and  God.

Though the list is not complete, because they do come seeking more than what I had listed, many come with a heart that is being worked on by the Holy Spirit.  This is what is so exciting to me.  Every-single student who walks through the doors of Young Life is going to be presented the opportunity to hear about Jesus.  We need to be faithful in building the relationship and share the Good News, but He is the one who is faithful in preparing the heart for His message!

Please pray for me as I prepare to go with 50 (most of whom do NOT know Jesus) high school students to camp this summer. And while you’re at it, praise God for this opportunity He has given me as well.  Being involved with YL this year is going to have direct influence on the writing and training materials I write for Christian students as we prepare them for future lifestyle evangelism opportunities!


By faith, we are trusting God to provide the way for me to go to camp with these students (about $500), if God has placed it on your heart to give to YL for this cause, please comment  or email me and I’ll let you know how you can help (  Thanks for your prayers!


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