Audrey is 5!

I am so blessed to have a seven year old, one year old and now a FIVE YEAR OLD!  That’s right, Audrey celebrates her fifth birthday today!  

Audrey is a unique little girl, she is a mix of sugar and spice.  At a given time she is sweet and cuddly (she’ll nuzzle her nose right into mommy or daddy’s neck and just “be”).  Then at other times she shows her independent spirit (the “spice” I referred to) by desiring to play alone or be in charge of her little situation (I have no idea where she gets that?).

Some of my favorite times with Audrey are on our Daddy-Daughter dates.  We will go out to breakfast or lunch and then off to the park.  She loves to swing and climb.

Audrey graduates from preschool this week, next fall she’ll be a big time kindergartner!  

Pray for our little-middle child… Elisabeth and I are both middles as well, so obviously we KNOW it is toughest being in the middle!  Ha!

Here are several snaps from the last couple years of her life:

Happy Birthday Audrey!




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