Yard Work Analogy

My Dad loves yardwork.

I don’t.

My parents keep a very “park like” yard all year round.

We don’t.

I wish we did, but that would require constant attention to our yard (stupid weeds!).  Instead of that constant attention, every now and then we do the all-day project on the yard to make it look good (but rarely great).  One of these days, I hope, I will start practicing the little disciplines that take 15-30 minutes a week in order to maintain the good/great looking yard.

You see, the yard analogy has transferred over to other areas in my life right now.  If I were to practice those little 15-30 minute disciplines per week in several other areas the following would probably take place:

  • I’d have a clean and maintained yard.
  • I’d have a clearly organized filing system for Youthmark.
  • I’d have a very functional and clean garage where everything had a place!
  • I’d be done with writing, edits, etc. in a very timely manner.
  • And several others…

Why did Adam and Eve take that fruit?  I blame them.  If it weren’t for that stupid fall I’d have it all together!  Right? 

Okay, so maybe I just need to go back and read this post and start practicing these things!



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