CONTEST: What Am I Thinking?

Sorry it has been awhile since I last posted, and I will pick some of my favorites from the last contest as well.  Here is a new one, do you have a comment that will work for either me or Will on this one?  I’ll post my favorite “thoughts” after you give some thought comments.




********** The Winner **********

No question on this one:  Congrats to Elisabeth for her entry… Bringing new meaning to the term “wet willy”


9 thoughts on “CONTEST: What Am I Thinking?

  1. Will – “If I can just get to his ear, it will change everything”

    Brian – “If he moves closer to the ear I have to be ready to stop, drop, and roll”

  2. Will: “Daddy…can I have a free SEND ME sweatshirt?”

    Brian: “sorry Will, I’d like to…but they are $28.”

  3. Will: “Psst, Daddy, come here . . . I’m supposed to tell you Mommy wants a gift card to a spa for Mother’s Day.”

  4. Will: My name is Will, not Willy!

    Brian: (Is not thinking, there is a very cute baby boy slobbering on his check!?)

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