My Friend Byron

On Sunday afternoon the Aaby family hosted a prayer gathering for our good friends Byron and Shannon.  A few weeks ago I had posted about Byron and his recent discovery of cancer.  Well, on Monday he began his chemotherapy treatments which will last for the next couple of months.

The report is that the first chemo treatment went well (he goes in every day this week, for up to seven hours in a day).

As you know, many who go through chemo will lose their hair… this WILL NOT be the case with Byron (see below).  We took care of the hair issue already at the end of the prayer time.  It was such a rich time of fellowship and prayer, folk from as far south as Olympia and as far north as Marysville came to the gathering.  Shannon’s brother, Neil, is on spring break from Boston and was able to join in as well!

Pray for Byron, pray the Lord has much ministry in store for this great young couple in the years ahead!



What it looked like at the end.

What it looked like at the end.

But first, I had some fun!

But first, I had some fun!


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