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My previous two blog entries were both about the NorCal scout trip, if you want to catch up on those two first, scroll down and start with 36,000 Foot Blog Post.


Etna, CA

Etna, CA

On Thursday, our last day of the scout trip, we got up a little earlier to get out of the hotel to drive two hours north to Yreka and a half hour SW to Fort Jones/Etna.  We had set up a meeting with a couple Youth Pastors in the area.  We got up north in plenty of time to drive through both Fort Jones and Etna (20 minute further south) and still get back in time for our 11:00 AM lunch in Ft. Jones.


The lunch with Phillip and Brett was very exciting.  Aaron and I both were able to share our vision for what we thought could take place.  These guys were both on board and began to dream out loud.  The tri-tip sandwiches at the deli were great too!

The “Problem” we encountered was when we discovered that this area ought to have two teams and not just one. 


Yep, a second trip!

Yep, a second trip!

After the meeting we had to get back in the rental van and make the trek back to San Francisco (about 6 hours, not including traffic).  The good news: we made good time and were able to get our In-N-Out treat (yep, the same two burger meal).


So, we traveled to NorCal needing 5 communities and we had zero contacts.  We left having 5 meetings, but 6 communities.  So, we were 6 for 5, we’ll leave it to the Lord to work out the details!

Thanks for your prayers along the way.  Praise the Lord for the fantastic contacts and pray for these details to be worked out!



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