Youth Ministry Causes Pancreas To Explode

My friend, Joe, is a Youth Pastor in the greater Seattle area.  Though this headline is not entirely true, it is a serious prayer request on his behalf.  Joe has been in Youth and Music ministry for years (check out some of his music here); in those years of ministry he has had some seasons that honestly remind me a little of Job.  He has had some real “give and take away” moments.  

The last couple years he has had to deal with his own health issues, most recently dealing with some serious pancreatic problems.  This Friday, Joe, and his wife, Lisa, are going to meet with the doc.  This will be a key time with the doctor in making decisions as to how to move forward with these issues.

Pray for wisdom.

Pray for healing.

Pray for their family and the youth in the ministry at Calvary Chapel South.

I texted Joe today to get permission to blog about this, he is the one who came up with my blog title, so at least in his Job-like state the Lord has not taken away his humor (or perhaps some of you think He has!).

Thanks for praying for Joe!  I posted one of his songs below.




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