Pretty excited that another big step has been taken at Youthmark.  Our YMV blogs are now up and running.  Today, the churches doing a YMV received the registration to their blogs.  On top of that, I have my own Youthmark Blog, so if you REALLY want to get more access to me (ha!), you can check out that blog here (I’ll focus more on the specifics of the ministry at Youthmark on that one).  But, more importantly you can read/pray through the blogs of our teams doing missions!  


my desktop with open!

my desktop with open!

Go to and click on blogs to see any/all of them.  Of course, they did just get the registrations today, so it will most likely be a few days before anyone (besides me) gets them up and running! 

We prioritized the blog as something that came with the mission because in all my years of student ministry I was always most aware of prayer support when on a mission trip.  Each year we would begin our trips by soliciting prayer supporters (through mail, email, bulletin announcements, newsletters, etc.).  Throughout the training we would update these supporters with prayer requests for the training and the towns we would serve. Then, when on the trip we would send out updates as well.  In the early years we would literally have our secretary make a print out  of the requests and put it on the church doors and folk would drive by just to see the requests.  As email became more prevalent the requests would be sent out to the masses and now that blogs exist it makes it all that much more accessible.  

Last year, while in Idaho, we had one day in which we had over 800 views of our blog for our specific team.  On that very day we saw the most incredible answers to prayer take place.  I am forever convinced this technology is something we must continue to tap into so we can continue to raise the awareness of how the Lord is at work!

So, join me in praying for each of these teams listed on the site and take the time to read about their training and their trips!  You in for the adventure?


P.S. If you know of people who see prayer as one of their primary ministries, please pass on this blog and the blogs as a possible ministry to commit to praying for!  Thanks!


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