Another Prayer Request

We would very much appreciate your prayer for our friend, Byron.  On Monday he was diagnosed with cancer,  he had a procedure done the next day to remove the tumor and that was successful, however, test results have shown that it had, in fact, spread to other areas in his body.  

Byron and I spoke on Friday afternoon, after getting the news, he sounds good, but obviously the road ahead is tough.  Both he and his wife, Shannon, were a part of our youth ministry.  We are close with both families (their parents and other kids).  Byron’s brother is graduating from Boot Camp (Navy) at the end of the month, so Byron will go see his brother graduate and then immediately start his chemo.  

Please pray for them.  Thank you!



One thought on “Another Prayer Request

  1. Praying for Bryon, Shannon and all. What a huge cross to carry this Valentine’s Day. God is good all the time, but my belief has a hard time wrapping my mind around this one. I know God has a plan and I know it is ultimately for His good and His glory. The battle is in the mind, I am praying, despite my ever so human mind!!!

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