A Report

A brief respite from the Gulf Coast Scout Report to give you some current prayer requests/praises for the overall Youthmark Mission Venture happenings…

I appreciate the many who have kept Youthmark and the Aaby family in your prayers.  As I have stated before, we are doing Youthmark as a “tent making” ministry, meaning, we are trying to support ourselves through our product/strategy and not as traditional financial support raising missionaries (we count it a privilege to support friends who are missionaries in this realm too).  It has been a fun adventure thus far and God has certainly been providing through many avenues.

YMV Status Report:

Right now I am managing the 20 churches we have signed up for a Youthmark Mission Ventures this summer.  These 20 churches represent an approximate 26-28 rural communities (depending upon how many students actually sign up and complete the training).

Teams may still sign up over the next two weeks, as long as groups have started the process by early March (getting students into move: Mission Prep Workbook) they will have the opportunity to complete the training in time (especially if they aren’t doing going on their actual trip until July/August).  So, please pray for a few more churches/teams.  

Here is how it breaks down by region, the numbers are very loose because some are still making decisions, everything will be nailed down by early April and our spring retreats:


For whatever reason we didn’t have any church sign up for British Columbia.  This turned out to be a huge blessing to me personally because I needed to step into the Lead Role for both ends of the Idaho week (the Lead I recruited ended up not being able to serve in this capacity because the Lord blessed them with a baby due right around the time of the mission).


Hawaii will have one or two rural communities being served by Youthmark (outside possibility of a third team joining).

Northern California

The rural communities in NorCal will have anywhere from four to eight teams serving in the region.  A larger church is still considering which trip to join (between NorCal and the Gulf)


We will be serving in 5-7 Rural communities in Idaho this summer.

The Gulf Coast

Though I thought we were scouting for three communities in the Gulf, we have been blessed by a couple more churches joining late in the game.  So, it looks like I’ll be scouting the region again and will need another 3-6 towns (again, depending upon one church choosing NorCal or Gulf) and adding those new churches team(s).

Western Montana

Montana will have 6-8 rural communities being served by Youthmark.

I have scouted Hawaii and The Gulf Coast (once) already, I have upcoming scouts to NorCal and MT/ID on the calendar. I’d appreciate your prayers for these upcoming scout trips and for the teams training.

Within the next couple weeks you should check in at www.youthmark.com and click on blogs (if not an option, it will be soon).  Each church will have its own blog for the mission training and trip!  Here you’ll be able to get specific prayer requests for these teams.



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