Gulf Coast Part Two!


This post is a continuation of my Gulf Coast Report, two posts back.  Check that out first…

After talking to Michelle, the youth leader in Vinton, LA, we continued for the last 45 minutes of our trek through east Texas on I-10.  Nathan used his Blackberry to get us the quick directions off I-10 to the church in Vinton.

We arrived to the site of two cars parked in the church lot, this gave us hope that in fact, someone was around who would be able to help.  Sure enough, as our car doors opened and that ever-important first stretch out of the car was complete, we witnessed the church doors open.  “Y’all made it” 

We chatted with Michelle in the church foyer for three or four minutes.  At this point we were all thinking she was simply going to give us information about the region and perhaps some contacts we could reach who would be interested in what Youthmark had to offer.

She began to tour us around the church, first stop, the sanctuary.  We were introduced to a man, Rob, who was working on some wiring.  Rob, besides being the resident electrician, is the Senior Pastor and he quickly became our friend.

We spent the next 90 minutes or so talking about Vinton, the hurricanes, Youthmark and  bits of our own testimonies.  It became very clear to all four of us that Youthmark and Vinton would be partnering this summer.  

We eventually finished the tour of the church and Michelle eventually got to her daughters basketball game.  Nathan and I jumped into Rob’s SUV and we were treated to a driving tour of Vinton.  

I have provided several shots of Vinton here.  The town is very diverse in terms of housing.  We saw everything from 300 sq. foot square homes to a large three story 4000+ sq. foot home being constructed.  Every sort of trailer you could imagine serves as home for many while some low-income apartments exist in one of the areas near the town center.  It became even more evident Vinton and Youthmark were going to be a match as we drove the streets and saw scores of teens just hanging out.  Nathan, Rob and I all imagined what it will look like this summer to see our trained teens hanging out with these searching souls.

Begin to pray for that work now!  God’s blessing is pouring out and was about to poured out even more while we continued the drive…

I’m diggin’ this continuing story!



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